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The Procurement Services team saw an impact almost immediately. With each sourcing project, managers gained significant understanding of market dynamics and conditions for new and existing products and services used by the Institute.

Based on ProcurementIQ’s accurate data and insight, the sourcing team made an informed buying decision that resulted in a thoughtfully executed contract that included improved SLAs and performance metrics. The multi-year contract locked in pricing, resulting in lower costs and reduced risk for the enterprise.


ProcurementIQ tools are so time saving because they provide all the research and analytics for us. Instead of spending hours researching potential vendors for upcoming RFPs, a list is provided with marketplace information to us, along with their risk profiles.

Santa Clara’s Procurement Department could easily find and compare suppliers using the list of major players in each ProcurementIQ market report. Researchers have also been able to utilize the reports’ market-specific negotiation questions to help guide talks with potential vendors, as well as the buyer power score discussed at the beginning of each report to give them an idea of where they stand in a market prior to entering into negotiations.


ProcurementIQ client - AGCO
ProcurementIQ client - Premier
ProcurementIQ client - Poole
ProcurementIQ client - Chainiq
ProcurementIQ client - Carmax

Our Strategic Procurement team utilizes ProcurementIQ as a source of data to enable our buyers to more fully understand the markets in which they are operating. It also alerts us to changes in the market which may have an impact on our business downstream, such as a shrinking commodity market. As a result, these risks are identified and mitigated.

ProcurementIQ helps us by providing a market view of our various categories of spend. The ease of use and availability allow us to make the best possible supplier selections.

ProcurementIQ helps us by providing data on categories we are not as familiar with and give a different perspective on categories we are familiar with. The reports have a great overview and aid our team in narrowing our supply base as well as identifying questions to ask when sending out an RFP and when in negotiations.