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IBISWorld Procurement is now ProcurementIQ!

When we started IBISWorld Procurement in 2013, we were determined to create something that would change the way sourcing professionals made buying decisions. At the time, we leveraged the IBISWorld name, a brand we built over more than 40 years to become the world’s largest provider of industry research. The IBISWorld Procurement name worked well for us over the first five years of the business, as it allowed us to quickly build trust with clients familiar with the IBISWorld name.

But as our procurement division has grown to become the largest provider of market intelligence to the procurement and sourcing community, we’ve decided the time is right to recognize this in our name and our brand. Now, we will be known as ProcurementIQ.

Why ProcurementIQ?

It’s simple, actually. Helping procurement practitioners make smarter buying decisions has been our mission from day one. So, it’s only natural that IQ, the recognized symbol of intelligence, found its way into our name. We also thought it made sense to pair IQ with the word that represents the community we serve day in, day out: Procurement.

What does all this mean for you?

Very little will change during the switch. Our core product will remain the same: you will still have access to the same great database of more than 1,000 procurement research reports. Your sales and client relationship contacts will remain the same. You’ll visit to log in to your subscription. You’ll be seeing our new logo and when you hear from us, you’ll be hearing from ProcurementIQ. That’s it! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Client Relationship Manager.

This is just the beginning. Helping you make smarter buying decisions is what motivates us every day. Stay tuned for what’s to come - we’re working on some exciting enhancements that you’ll hear about soon. Thanks for being part of our journey!