Data and trends to provide context for your purchasing decisions

Strategic procurement requires consideration of a variety of economic elements, including broad indexes like inflation, employment and wage data.

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Existing home sales

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Consumer price index

  • Economic Indicators , Consumer price index Chart, Consumer price index Analysis, Consumer price index Forecast
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Consumer Confidence Index

  • Economic Indicators , Consumer Confidence Index Chart, Consumer Confidence Index Analysis, Consumer Confidence Index Forecast
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Business sentiment index

  • Economic Indicators , Business sentiment index Chart, Business sentiment index Analysis, Business sentiment index Forecast
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Business bankruptcies

  • Economic Indicators , Business bankruptcies Chart, Business bankruptcies Analysis, Business bankruptcies Forecast
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Aggregate private investment

  • Economic Indicators , Aggregate private investment Chart, Aggregate private investment Analysis, Aggregate private investment Forecast
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Aggregate household debt

  • Economic Indicators , Aggregate household debt Chart, Aggregate household debt Analysis, Aggregate household debt Forecast
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Access to credit

  • Economic Indicators , Access to credit Chart, Access to credit Analysis, Access to credit Forecast
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30-year conventional mortgage rate

  • Economic Indicators , 30-year conventional mortgage rate Chart, 30-year conventional mortgage rate Analysis, 30-year conventional mortgage rate Forecast
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Consumer spending

  • Economic Indicators , Consumer spending Chart, Consumer spending Analysis, Consumer spending Forecast