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Do you spend too much time writing (and re-writing) RFPs or receive poor vendor responses? ProcurementIQ’s RFP Builder is the perfect tool to save time by allowing you to create RFPs supported by our vast procurement research and data. Including key market insights will lead to more and better vendor responses and increased credibility with your internal stakeholders.

Simplify the RFP Process

Our web-based content management platform automatically populates information into templates and makes the creation of your RFPs a quick, centralized and repeatable experience.

  • Secure, web-based, collaborative platform
  • Backed by ProcurementIQ’s vast research
  • Utilizes best-practice RFP templates that contain key market insights
  • Pro-Tips within template give users additional market information and RFP strategy

Assign, Track, Document, Approve

Store completed documents to My RFP Center, monitor completions and reuse templates for similar purchases.

  • Manage user permissions and assign work to subject matter experts across your organization to streamline writing RFPs
  • Store RFP questions, answers, specs, legal documents and other custom content for use in other documents
  • Use the RFP Library to organize content for your RFPs and promote consistency across your organization

Be More Strategic

For complex purchases, use the Strategy Whiteboard to help set out the goals and timeline of the purchase and see potential vendors.

  • Price Strategy: actionable recommendations based on category price trends, volatility and opportunities
  • Vendor Strategy: guidance to help you find vendors that match your criteria
  • Market Conditions: key takeaways about various market characteristics to help you negotiate more strategically

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